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STC Summit

The Accessibility SIG developed an accessibility guide for the STC annual conference for many years. In recent years the conference hotel has provided accessibility information. The materials presented at annual conference sessions constitute a significant part of the body of knowledge developed by the Accessibility SIG. Visit the STC Summit website for information about the next conference.
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Conference Session Materials

This page identifies conference materials for the years 2000 through 2008 and provides links to the materials posted on this website. The links are being fixed as quickly as possible offline (October 10, 2015).

55th International STC Technical Communication Summit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008

  • Accessibility SIG Members Roadmap a guide to the 2008 accessibility-related sessions (88 KB .pdf)
  • Speaker sign (38 KB .pdf)
  • The STC Accessibility Guide to make conference attendance and travel easier and more manageable for all members of STC
  • Assessing Accessibility of Websites for Users with Disabilities (DA 6A) – Mini-Workshop by Jennifer Jobst, University of Texas at Austin; Lisa R. Pappas, SAS Institute Inc.; Sarah Swierenga, PhD, Michican State University
  • Assessing the Usability and Usefulness of Tech-Mediated Communication (AR F) – Research Report by Cheryl Geisler; Roger A. Grice
  • Communicating and Creating Training for Disasters and Emergencies (DD B) – Discussion by Eve Dumovich, The Boeing Company; Judith Herr, Well Chosen Words; Lori Gillen, McKesson Health Solutions; Trina Grieshaber, BloodCenter of Wisconsin (1.4 MB .zip no longer online)
  • Communicating and Creating Training for Disasters and Emergencies (DD B) – An Encouraging Exercise: Technical Communicators bring valuable capabilities by Judith Herr, Well Chosen Words (12 KB .zip no longer online)
  • Communication Strategies of Successful Virtual Teams (MP 5D) – Discussion by Andrea Ames, IBM; Geoffrey J.S. Hart, Self-employed; Lisa R. Pappas, SAS Institute Inc.; Jan Pejovic, SunGard Higher Education (264 KB .zip no longer online)
  • Communication Strategies of Successful Virtual Teams (MP 5D) – Virtual Teams Bibliography by Andrea Ames, IBM; Geoffrey J.S. Hart, Self-employed; Lisa R. Pappas, SAS Institute Inc.; Jan Pejovic, SunGard Higher Education (40 KB .pdf)
  • Designing for Search (DA 7A) – Presentation by Caroline Jarrett; Whitney Quesenbery (1.4 MB .pdf)
  • Developing content for the International Marketplace (GLT 9F) – Presentation by Butch Pfremmer, Welocalize
  • Home Page Usability – Communicating Your Value (DA 9N) Featured Speaker by Daniel Szuc
  • Pictures and Profits: Innovations in Visual Instruction and Multi-ethnic Usability Research (DA 8C) – Presentation by Patrick Hofmann, Google (1.7 MB .pdf no longer online)
  • Show and Tell: Building Usability into E-learning (DA 11B) – Presentation by Carol Barnum, Southern Polytechnic State Univ. (286.1 KB .pdf)
  • Technical Communication Body of Knowledge I: A Framework for Moving Forward (AR 4I) by David D. Dayton; Michael A. Hughes, PhD, IBM Internet Security Systems; Hillary Hart; Janice (Ginny) Redish, Redish & Associates, Inc. (124 KB .pdf)
  • Technical Communication Body of Knowledge II: Open Forum for Discussion and Feedback (AR 9H) – Discussion Presentation by David D. Dayton; Michael A. Hughes, PhD, IBM Internet Security Systems; Hillary Hart; Janice (Ginny) Redish, Redish & Associates, Inc., Nancy W. Coppola; Marjorie T. Davis, School of Engineering, Tech Comm Dept.; Daphne R. Walmer; Mark Hanigan, On the Write Track (4 KB .pdf no longer online)
  • The ABCs of Documentation Usability Testing (DA A) – Mini-Workshop by Leah Guren (740 KB .pdf)
  • Trends in User Research (DA 5B) – Discussion by Jean Anderson, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.; Karen L Bachmann, Seascape Consulting, Inc.; Whitney Quesenbery; Janice (Ginny) Redish, Redish & Associates, Inc.; Todd Zaki Warfel, Messagefirst
  • Using Content Management to Improve Content Quality (CMI 9G) – Featured Speaker”by Steve Manning, The Rockley Group
  • Writing as an Asynchronous Conversation (DD 7J) – Featured Speaker by Janice (Ginny) Redish, Redish & Associates, Inc. (2 MB .pdf)
  • Handout for Writing as an Asynchronous Conversation (DD 7J) by Janice (Ginny) Redish, Redish & Associates, Inc. (24 KB .pdf)

54th International STC Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2007

53rd International STC Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2006

52nd International STC Conference in Seattle, Washington, 2005

51st International STC Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, 2004

50th International STC Conference in Dallas, Texas, 2003

48th International STC Conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 13-16, 2001

47th International STC Conference in Orlando, Florida, May 21-24, 2000

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Doing Good with Technical Communication Skills

Practice, practice, practice. That may be a familiar phrase to anyone who played a musical instrument as a child. It's a phrase you can apply to all of your skills. It's also a phrase that pops up on technical communication discussion lists whenever the topic of "unemployment" or "just starting out" pops up. Someone will suggest people maintain or improve skills - or develop new skills - in some open-source type project where there is no pay, but plenty of opportunity to learn and, well, practice. This post is for sharing a few of those places of practice.
  • I could be - Be a mentor for the next generation (school students).
  • Taproot Foundation - Pro "bono junkies" do pro bono marketing, HR, IT, and strategy management consulting services for nonprofits.
  • Floss manuals - Contribute to FLOSS Manuals, the collection of manuals about free and open source software. (FLOSS means Free Libre Open Source Software.)
The first two items were shared on Twitter by Michelle Depres, member of the STC Rocky Mountain chapter. Anyone involved in technical communication will come across the FLOSS manuals sooner or later, especially if you run into Janet Swisher, Anne Gentle, or Scott Abel, who actively participate in and promote the FLOSS project for technical communicators. Doing good while you work on your technical communication skills - what a great idea! Use the comments to add other great projects and debate who benefits the most - them… or you?

Photos from 2009 STC Tech Comm Summit, Atlanta, GA

Photos of the conference taken by Rachel Houghton and Cynthia A. Lockley are up. So far there are 13 photos available. If anyone else has photos to add to the SIG's conference collection, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.
Accessibility SIG breakfast meeting
In the photo, left to right: Whitney Quesenbery, Lisa Pappas, Linda Roberts, Karen Mardhl (with camera), Shawn Henry. Photo credit: Cynthia A Lockley.
This year's conference photos are at All our photo collections are at

Recording of Similar David Pogue Keynote Found

David Pogue, the Keynote speaker at the STC 2009 conference, gave one of the funniest keynotes we've ever had. It was a shame that it wasn't recorded. However, I found a recording of a similar keynote address he gave to TED last year. The first half is similar to the one he gave to us and the second half contains two more songs. The recording is at Talks David Pogue: "When it comes to tech, simplicity sells" :

There is also a video on YouTube of his closing song, iPhone: The Music Video:

New York Times columnist David Pogue takes aim at technology's worst interface-design offenders, and provides encouraging examples of products that get it right. To funny things up, he bursts into song.

David has a brief bio on his site at

David Pogue is the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times. Each week, he contributes a print column, an online column, an online video and a popular daily blog, "Pogue's Posts."

David is also an Emmy award-winning tech correspondent for CBS News, and he appears each week on CNBC with his trademark comic tech videos.

With over 3 million books in print, David is one of the world's bestselling how-to authors. He wrote or co-wrote seven books in the "for Dummies" series (including Macs, Magic, Opera, and Classical Music); in 1999, he launched his own series of complete, funny computer books called the Missing Manual series, which now includes over 100 titles.

David graduated summa cum laude from Yale in 1985, with distinction in Music, and he spent ten years conducting and arranging Broadway musicals in New York. In 2007, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in music from Shenandoah Conservatory.

He's been profiled on both "48 Hours" and "60 Minutes." He lives with his wife and three young children in Connecticut. His website is