Quick Review of “Digital Outcasts” by Kel Smith

Some of you may remember hearing Kel Smith speak in 2011 at the STC Summit in Sacramento. Since then, one of Kel's projects has been writing a book. Well, that book is available now. You can read about the book, Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward Without Leaving People Behind, on the book's dedicated website. An excerpt from the website says,

[the book] will address key trends in technology and their relevance to forgotten populations. Example case studies include: iPad apps for cognitive therapy, increased utility of virtual worlds, the use of video games to improve patient adherence, support programs through mobile platforms, the rise of Web accessibility, and the impact of federal regulations on the digital marketplace.

Technical communicators who are involved in usability and user experience, accessibility, business analysis, and design will definitely benefit from reading Kel Smith's thoughts on "the importance of embracing universal design principles throughout innovation cycles". Catch up with Kel Smith on Twitter at @KelSmith. Get more information about the book via the book twitter handle: @digitaloutcasts or the Digital Outcast Facebook Page. You can follow @morgan_kaufmann on Twitter or on the Morgan Kaufmann Facebook Page. You might catch some discount codes there!

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