SIG Members’ Honors

From the beginning of the Accessibility SIG, many dedicated volunteers have contributed to its success. The Distinguished SIG Service award acknowledges the work of SIG members who provide exemplary service to the Society through their dedication to the SIG and its activities. Recipients are selected on the following basic criteria:
  • Length of SIG membership
  • Consistency of service over the time of SIG membership
  • Variety of service to STC

The Accessibility SIG is proud to recognize its DSSA recipients:

2006, Fabien Vais: "For outstanding contributions to accessibility in producing comprehensive guides for five international STC conferences."

2005, Cynthia Lockley: "In recognition of your outstanding leadership qualities as the unparalleled Accessibility SIG Web Diva, and for your dedication, creativity, and professionalism."

2004, Dan Voss: "In sincere recognition of your exemplary efforts in leading against all odds the Accessibility SIG, and your exceptional inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication."

2003, Judy Skinner: "For pioneering and guiding STC's Special Needs Committee (now the SNSIG [Editor's note: now the Accessibility SIG])—and for teaching us the lesson of the starfish."

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