The Conference Accessibility Guide for Atlanta

The conference accessibility guide - 8th year in a row! - has been live on the conference site for two months. Additional material is available, as always, on our permanent page for the conference accessibility guides. We tooted our horn on our SIG discussion list and on Twitter - and we forgot to blog about it!

Thank yous

Let's have a huge round of applause for SIG member Brenda Huettner who organized this year's guide. The STC Atlanta host chapter had a fantastic attitude about this, which should set a precedence for future guides: they took for granted that they should assist with collecting information. It was regarded as all in the line of duty for a host chapter. That is how accessibility should be - a natural part of any project! Al Hood and Carol Boe from the STC Atlanta chapter deserve a special round of applause, too.

More to come

The guide on the conference site is actually a collection of pages, and not a PDF that was also printed in the past to be handed out at the conference. As you plan your trip, you print the pages you need to take with you on the trip, or you can download to a convenient gadget of your choice. We sincerely hope that all attendees will find useful information in the accessibility information collected in the links provided here. We will continue to update the permanent page for the guide, as well as broadcast tips on our Twitter account, @stcaccess, up to and during the conference. If you want to share some tips, please do so - here in the comments section or on Twitter. And for those traveling to Atlanta - have a safe and pleasant trip!

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